Lipa Preschool is a private Czech-English kindergarten where children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years receive personalized guidance for their learning adventure.

We use a unique curriculum tailored by experts of preschool education systems from all over the world, so you know your child will get only the best. Of course, an excellent teaching plan isn’t everything — our preschool is also staffed with brilliant teachers selected with the utmost care.

As a family-friendly establishment, we treat each child according to their specific needs. At the same time, we rely on close and efficient cooperation with you, because we know parents are the most important part of a child’s development. We’re always happy to meet parents at social events such as family barbecues, Children’s Days, summer parties or Christmas pageants.

Classes are divided by age, so that each child can receive maximum attention. The highest number of children per teacher is 12; for children under three it is 6.

Our system is all about all-around childhood development. We actively use and teach both Czech and English, and our activities are complemented with the best of what modern technology has to offer, namely Promethean interactive boards and Apple iPads.

Children in our preschool are encouraged to experiment, dance, play, and learn about the world – but most of all, they are happy, and that’s why we love working with them.

Our project The improvement and support of work with children of the nursery and preschool age in Lipa mateřská škola s.r.o., ID no. CZ.02.3.68/0.0/0.0/16_023/0003092, was endorsed as part of the call no. 02_16_023 in Priority Axis 3: Support of schools in the form of projects with simplified reporting – template for preschools and primary schools in Prague. This project is now underway. Read more about it here.

The Principles of Lipa Preschool Education

We firmly believe that learning is supposed to be interesting, interactive and that children should want to take active part in it. That is why we organize our preschool around four fundamental principles of learning. You will see them present in our classrooms, in our teachers’ attitude and in everything we do.

Four pillars


The process of learning is only as good as the knowledge involved. Our goal is to provide children with enough materials and support to help them find their own way of grasping new information. We understand every child learns at a different pace and we respect this. Our most effective tool is children’s natural curiosity, and we make it the main driving force of learning.


If you’ve ever watched your child play, you know that every kid is a potential future artist, musician or scientist! Creativity is inherent to all children’s nature. In our experience, creativity is not just about drawing – children should be taught to be creative in all areas of life. Isn’t it possible to learn basic mathematics through drawing? To teach language through dance and physical activity? Lipa Preschool makes the most of children’s natural creativity. The curriculum we use encourages children’s need to learn about the world from a different perspective. We help them satisfy their curiosity.


Fun is at the heart of everything we do. Learning has to be entertaining, children need to like it and – what is even more important – want to carry on learning in the future. Our curriculum puts fun at the very center of learning. When children enjoy themselves, they tend to participate more and are more inquisitive. They welcome any new activity and like taking on greater and greater learning challenges.


Inspiration is our last, but not least important pillar of learning. Class activities may be enjoyable, full of exciting information, but when it doesn’t inspire, it is not effective. Children love exploration. The pillar of inspiration is evident in everything we do. We are very proud that we know how to inspire children to look for their own learning opportunities. When they do, we assist them as companions. It is a very demanding task, which is why we are always on the lookout for new and refreshing ways of support. Our team’s greatest wish is to inspire our children to fully unfold their potential.

Our team

Teachers who make up our team are highly qualified professionals and native speakers of both Czech and English. They approach each child with individual attention and care, adjusting to their needs in close cooperation with you, the parents.

Preschool Director
Kristýna was born in Prague and grew up in a multicultural and musical family. She studied Promotional Art at the Vaclav Hollar Secondary Art School, then went on to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Art Education at Charles University between her intermittent travels around Europe. Because Kristýna grew up in a family full of children, she adores working with kids. She also loves reading thick books, going on long walks in Nature, riding horses, and spending time with her family and relatives in southern France.
Kristýna’s specialization is in art education and physical education (yoga, morning exercise), and she’s also qualified in preparing children for entering primary school with educational activities. “I love being a part of children’s development and education. I feel a great responsibility, which is why I carry out my work with the utmost care and love.”

Preschool Coordinator
For the second year in a row, Erika has had a wide array of roles both in Lipa Preschool and Lipa Learning headquarters, and works to keep the two closely connected. Erika is responsible for communicating with current and potential clients, managing the back office, and carrying out other administrative tasks.
With her background in HR, she also oversees the Preschool’s recruitment process and makes sure to find the best professionals in the field. Erika loves to stay positive, energetic, is always ready to help, and she loves children with all her heart. No matter the task, she embodies the phrase “everything is possible”.

Bunnies Class
Hannah is from Baltimore, USA and has lived in Prague for over four years, teaching children. She spent a brief time at Charles University before returning home to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. Since moving back to Prague, she’s worked in languages schools, and then in preschools. Coming from a large family of four girls, Hannah has worked with children from a young age, babysitting and then nannying full time.
She enjoys teaching children how to cook, and has discovered that children are much more interested in trying new things when they are part of the process and can test their senses. Hannah believes that the creativity and energy in preschool children is an inspiring and exciting adventure to be a part of. In her free time, she likes to travel, surf, and play roller derby in Prague.

Bunnies Class
Anna studied at a grammar school in Česká Lípa and now she is finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Special Education: Teaching. She has practical experience with taking care of children from toddler age to school age, including children with special educational needs and children with various forms of handicaps.
When working with children, Anna always employs a positive attitude and is able to solve problems peacefully. She loves art and being artistic, travelling, understanding new cultures, and playing various sports.

Preschool Housekeeper
Jarmila has experience with marketing research and media production, and has participated in studying the sensory functions, health, interests and lifestyle of preschool and school children. She’s aided in mapping the phenomenon of endangered children, and firmly believes that each child deserves a happy childhood in a loving family.
Jarmila loves working in the garden, especially after everything comes back to life after winter. She sows seeds and cultivates plants with the children so they learn how to be good gardeners. She also teaches children to be environmentally aware and protective of the beautiful Nature around us.

Dolphins Class
Anna has been working with children since the age of fifteen. After school, she decided her future job should include working with children in a meaningful way, so she studied Preschool Teaching at Charles University in Prague. Later, Anna wanted to broaden her horizons even more by studying psychology at the University, and thus she is still a student there.
Apart from her work and studies, she enjoys dancing, going out in nature, and exploring various parts of the world – she is a passionate traveller. Anna tries to spend her free time in an active way; either by doing something interesting with her friends, or just by being with her family. She loves her job, because children bring creative passion into her life and make her come up with new ideas all the time. She finds their positive energy very contagious.

Communication with Parents

We believe it is paramount to inform parents about everything that goes on in our preschool. We send all news to e-mail addresses parents give us for this purpose, and at the same time we post information on notice boards in the buildings.

Every month we send:

  • Newsletter with an overview of upcoming events
  • Educational Plans for individual classrooms
  • Plans for afternoon classes organized by the preschool
  • Information about psychological or logopedic diagnostics
  • Information about photographing children
  • Information about changes in the schedule, if there are any
  • Information about planned trips


Annually we send:

  • School Year Calendar
  • Educational Plan with topics mapped out for the whole school year
  • Twice a year we send reports on the child’s progress

About Lipa

Lipa Learning’s purpose is to give children all over the world access to a complete early years’ foundation and bring families together through positive mutual development. Lipa works towards building a life-long love of learning. Children are our future, and we share one goal with parents: we want to offer them true value.
Though we began as an app developer, we grew to be much more – investing in our own preschool and starting the Lipa Adventure Club that builds skills for life with physical activities and digital learning. Now, along with our new apps, we’re creating a range of products based on 8 curricula that promote holistic childhood development: Real World Activities like crafts, exercises, puzzles and more, which parents and kids can enjoy together and let kids use skills they’ve learned in our apps in the real world; FAQs that inspire curious minds to open discussions with family or friends; and Interactive Storybooks that enhance traditional story time with sensory learning. All our products have been localized into 18 languages – which is only just the start.