Summer Programme 2017

Summer has come! For us at Lipa Preschool, summer is a joyful season full of adventures, exploring, creating, playing, experiences and fun. If your children take part in our summer programme, they will enjoy many adventures and they will tell you with smiling faces what wonderful things they experienced.

Send your children on an Adventurous Journey through Summer – our summer programme for this year.

The preschool will be closed from 28th to 31st of August 2017 due the preparations for the upcoming school year.

What’s this summer going to be like?

Anything can be an adventure – a journey into the unknown with a snack in a backpack, or a fun exploration of seemingly normal things around us. The curious eye of the adventurer makes all the difference! And so we will use our imagination and play with colours and various materials, enjoy music and dancing. Every day we will have a good romp in our garden with a huge trampoline.

As proper explorers, we will do some exploring too – we will go to the forest to build small houses for pixies and meet the dwellers of the forest realm, we will also go on a trip to a minizoo. We will go to a special gallery to discover what can be created from ordinary things, we will become familiar with the parks in Prague and some interesting guests will come for a visit too. We will simply have a lot of fun!

Each little explorer will get their personal adventure certificate that will commemorate their adventurous journey.

Daily Schedule

8.30–9.00 morning circle – introducing the topic of the day
9.00–9.30 snack time
10.00–11.30 morning topic-related activities, art & crafts activities, outside play, trips
11.30–12.15 lunch
12.15–13.00 collecting children with half day programme
12.15–14.30 reading, quiet time, quiet time activities
14.30–15.00 afternoon snack
15.00–16.30 afternoon topic-related creative activities, creative program
16.30–17.00 collecting children with full day programme


These times are only for orientation and can be changed during the day depending on the situation or the current weather.

Who is the programme designed for?

The adventurous journey is designed both for children who attend Lipa Preschool and those who don’t. The age is from 18 months to new school starters. Children will be divided into groups according to age and numbers so that each little explorer gets individual care. All activities will be tailored to the age and skills of the kids, our dedicated teachers will always be there to help and ensure that everyone enjoys their summer with a smile on their face. The trips outside the preschool are suitable for 3-year-olds and above. English is not required, our teachers speak both English and Czech.

What to pack the little explorers on their summer journey with Lipa?

  • Curiosity and the desire to discover new things
  • Slippers and spare clothes: sweatpants, T-shirt, underwear, sweatshirt, rubber boots, raincoat, baseball cap, scarf, sunglasses;
  • Toothbrush and a cup; water bottle;
  • Medication (if necessary)
  • For the half-day and full-day trips it is necessary to have a backpack with a snack / lunch, a water bottle, a raincoat and (if need be) warm clothes.