Summer Programme 2017

During the summer, children get the chance to rest, have fun and be happy. They shouldn’t worry about schoolwork; they should just take a deep breath and enjoy all the fun that summer has to offer. Lipa Preschool brings you a summer programme that will take care of your children in a creative way with plenty of both outdoor and indoor activities.

The main goal of our summer programme is to put a smile on the children’s faces, so that at the end of the day, they are humming songs they learned and telling their parents exciting stories about what they did that day.

What can children expect this year?

Summer is the time to play games, to have fun. to enjoy the sunny weather and explore. This year we will focus on the healthy child – both physically and emotionally.  

The first month will focus on nutrition and the physical body, We will learn about healthy eating and fun through movement. We will learn about how our bodies work and  how to make positive choices  that lead to  a balanced healthy lifestyle.

The second month we will focus on emotional health. We will explore all kinds of emotions and give children the tools they need to express both negative and positive emotions in a healthy way. We have divided the emotions into four different worlds and connected them to the four elements : Earth, Air, Fire, Water which further connects the child to nature.

Daily Schedule

8.30–9.00 morning circle – introducing the topic of the day
9.00–9.30 snack time
10.00–11.30 morning topic-related activities, art & crafts activities, outside play, trips
11.30–12.15 lunch
12.15–13.00 collecting children with half day programme
12.15–14.30 reading, quiet time, quiet time activities
14.30–15.00 afternoon snack
15.00–16.30 afternoon topic-related creative activities, creative program
16.30–17.00 collecting children with full day programme


These times are only for orientation and can be changed during the day depending on the situation or the current weather.

Who can participate in our programme?

Children that can travel with us are those who visit Lipa Preschool regularly as well as those who have never been at our preschool, aged between 18 months and 8 years. The children will be separated into groups according to their age.

  • Offered activities are adjusted to the age and abilities of your children. Trips we plan outside off our preschool premises are suitable for children aged 3 years and more.
  • Knowledge of English is not necessary; everything taught in a simple and straightforward  way. The children won’t be forced to do activities they don’t like.
  • Programmes are prepared for groups of 10 – 24 children total

What do I need to take with me?

  • A good mood and a lot of energy 🙂
  • Furthermore we recommend inside shoes, extra clothes – shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, toothbrush and a cup; rubber boots, raincoat, sunglasses, hat, a drink or medicine if it’s needed etc.
  • For half day or all day trips, please always bring a backpack with a larger snack, drink, raincoat and some warm clothes.

Programme for each Week

During our summer programme, we will sing songs, play games, dance and create beautiful art projects. We will go on trips and see amazing things, but most of all have a lot of fun together. All that in both Czech and English, with our teachers and native speakers.


3.7. – 7.7.
How to become a Yoga master with Mr. Donut

Mr. Donut will teach us how to relax and work with our bodies. We will meditate while listening to the sounds of nature, we will learn basic yoga positions that we will also try on nontraditional places. Let’s practice our yoga positions on our trampoline and try not to fall! Together we will prepare healthy snacks and make a picnic in our garden. Your children will be certified yoga masters by the end of this week. Namaste!

Trip: We will go to a playground Kaplička where we will have healthy picnic and do yoga excercise.

10.7. – 14.7.
Mr. Donut goes to the Doctor

Where do we go when we have a little ache? We go to see a doctor! Mr. Donut will help us explore and learn about our bodies. He will clarify what ache means what and how can we prevent certain sickness. What are our body parts and what hides inside our body? Mr. Donut will try to answer all your health questions. Children will recieve a doctor certificate to treat any illness or injury at the end of the week.

Activity: A Dog trainer that helps people with disabilities will come to the preschool

17.7. – 21.7.
Learn how to cook with Mr. Donut

Mr. Donut will introduce different types of food to your children. We will explore how food is made and where things like milk and cheese actually come from. We will draw the food plate, where we will see what goodies our body needs to grow. What food gives us energy and what makes us tired. We will also visit a nearby supermarket, where children will buy food to make dinner for their mummies and daddies. Children will become worldwide known Chefs by the end of this week. They will be ready to cook and bake every delicious dish you can think of!

Trip: We will visit an animal farm

24.7. – 28.7.
Discover the senses with Mr. Donut.

Together we will explore the 5 senses – taste, hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and discover the 6th one – intuition and knowing. What to expect this week – of course we will learn how to recognize things and food according to the touch, hearing, looking and taste. Can you tell what is sweet, sour or bitter with closed eyes? We will also train our hearing skills by listening to the sounds of nature. We will try to explore our sixth sense that will help us to predict the near future. Children will master all the senses and become certified mediums by the end of this week.

Trip: We will go to Malešický park and play in the special water and sound playground


31.7. – 4.8.
Air Element

Children will explore the first element – air, this week. Air is connected with happiness, silliness and fear. We will have to learn how to overcome our fears in a way that makes us happy. We will also get silly with “silly day.” Children will come dressed in funny clothing and silly props to have a day full of flying and jumping adventures. We will become scientist and explore air more deeply with mad experiments. Come and joins us for jumping, flying and discover gravity. The children will become the Masters of Air by the end of this week.

Trip: We will visit the Jumpark

7.8. – 11.8.
Fire Element

The second element we explore is fire. Fire is connected with anger and wrath. Children will explore what makes them angry and learn how to control such emotion. Once again we will become scientist and discover the fire through not so dangerous experiments. We will also explore volcanos, storms and learn about nature. Don`t forget to bring something red because that is color of the week! Children will master the power of their anger and Fire by the end of this week.

Trip: We will visit the ZOOPARK ZÁJEZD

14.8. – 18.8.
Water Element

Water adventures are waiting! Summer is full of water games and fun activities. We are no exception! Since water element is more settled we will explore emotions such as sorrow and sadness. But not to worry the water play will take all the sorrow away. Once again we will become scientist and explore water through fun experiments. We will explore oceans and seas through water related art projects and games. We will also enjoy watter battles in our garden! Don`t forget to bring something blue since that is the color of the week! Children will master the Water element by the end of this week.

Trip: We will visit the Sea World

21.8. – 25.8.
Earth Element

The last element we explore is our mother Earth. Earth is connected with empathy and caring for each other and that is what we will explore too. Children will support each other through play and they will learn how to care for nature and the world around us. To introduce the element of earth we will play and explore our garden. We will plant seeds and care for the flowers we have there. Don`t forget to bring something green because that is the color of this week! Children will become the masters of Earth by the end of this week.

Trip: We will visit the Botanic garden in Troja.

The preschool will be closed from 28th to 31st of August 2017 due the preparations for the upcoming school year.